Trouble signing in?

404 Errors

We're sorry about that.

In Google's own words:

If you're signed in to multiple accounts at the same time, sometimes we can't tell which account you're using. For example, if you're signed in to two accounts and you open a new browser window, we aren't sure which account you want to use. In cases like these, Google might apply settings from your default account, like its Web & App Activity and Ads Personalization settings.

We currently know of two ways in which you can try to address this:

Special Link

At the very bottom of you'll see a special link:

Members 🔒

This will take you to a custom URL which should tell Google to use your TDDT account.

Browser Profiles

The other suggestion we've been able to find online is to use different browser profiles for your personal and TDDT accounts.

Forgotten Passwords

Follow Google's instructions on How to recover your Google Account or Gmail.

If you can't get that to work, reach out to one of the executive officers for assistance.

Once you are able to get into your account, be sure to set up a recovery phone number or email address.