Texas Dragon/Lion Dance Team

The Texas Dragon/Lion Dance Team (TDDT) is an Austin, Texas-based dragon and lion dance group operating and performing continuously since 2000.

Our goal is to share and in many cases introduce the art of dragon and lion dancing to the community. 

We are one of the few teams that performs year-round for a wide variety of events. Our prime performance season is during the Lunar New Year (early February or March) where we perform the gauntlet of back-to-back performances for businesses and organizations all over Central Texas. 

Common Questions and Answers

How do I request a performance?

To request a performance or learn more about our performances, please visit our Performance Request page.

Are you affiliated with The University of Texas at Austin?

The Texas Dragon/Lion Dance Team was founded in 2000 as a registered student organization at The University of Texas at Austin. The student organization continues to exist as a local chapter of the Texas Dragon/Lion Dance Team. The status of the UT Austin chapter as an official, registered student organization may change from year to year based on University rules and the number of qualifying members on our team. 

TDDT and the UT Austin chapter identify and operate as a single team. We have always been and continue to be an Austin, Texas community-based group. We continue to perform for UT organizations and functions and, as always, 100% of all of our received funds still go into team management. We are additionally a registered nonprofit organization in the State of Texas.

We are not now (nor have we ever been) officially sponsored by The University of Texas at Austin nor do our views represent the views of the University or its officers.

Please refer to us as "The Texas Dragon/Lion Dance Team" or "TDDT," and not "the UT team."

What is the difference between a dragon and a lion?


More information is available on Wikipedia's lion dance article.


More information is available on Wikipedia's dragon dance article.

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